Spring Detoxing

Posted on February 16, 2016

Spring is in the air and I am so excited in anticipation of green grass and beautiful spring flowers.  This is always a time of year to get busy spring cleaning and eliminating.  I always feel better after going through and getting rid of some things it feels like a weight is taken off my shoulders.  It makes sense then to also  spring clean your body.  I have been taking advantage of the services we provide at the store by doing some ion cleanses done through your feet. What a wonderful feeling to soak your feet and relax and know you are cleaning out and doing proactive health for your body.

I have also brought in pea and sunflower sprouts into the store and they are great for detoxing and supplying your body with chlorophyll.  They come in a tray which I keep in the fridge and take as needed either in my shakes or in salads.  It’s great for your body to eat live food.

One final note always always always take probiotics (acidophilus) when doing a cleanse.  You want to replace the bad flora (bacteria) with good bacteria therefore building up your immune system.

Happy Spring Everyone.

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