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Posted on February 16, 2016

I am excited to say I am hoping to take off (a little late in the season) on vacation to PEI and Nova Scotia.  I am an avid sea glass collector.  LOL.  I love the water and walking along the beach with my dogs Nambe, Nemo and Hank (Hankie Spankie).    It is grounding to walk along the beach bare foot surrounded by nature and hearing the crash of the surf.  I collect whatever color sea glass or lake glass that I can find but I also collect old washed in pieces of painted ceramic (from plates etc.)  Just thinking about these pieces and how many years it has taken them to get rounded pitted and polished.  Some of the rare black glass is from the days of rum running.  It is called black glass but when you hold it up to the light is is a dark olive color.  Of course I am also partial to different hues of blue.

As for new products in the store…I had amazing results using Natures Aid on my dog Nemo who had allergies and his skin on his stomach actually turned black due to the allergens.  His skin has now returned to his normal pink color and he is not pulling his hair out anymore.  I was thrilled to find a natural cure.

I am excited about our Naturopaths Course she is conducting called “Whole Food Diet” Wednesday nights starting in mid September .It is  not only a course but she is going to spend individual time with each of us going over our own personal diet and health goals.   That is   good value.

The course,  six weeks in length,  costs $ 75.00.  For more information contact myself or Corinne  at the store at 613-475-3800

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