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Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis with Melody Prinzen-Logan available Friday, April 15.

Live and dried blood cell analysis is an exciting tool for preventative medicine as well as a motivator for a healthier lifestyle.
Live Blood Cell Microscopy is a very accurate method of analyzing the state of your health and can show conditions such as vitamin and mineral deficiencies, liver and kidney health, candida, poor circulation, non absorption of proteins and fats and more. Dried cell analysis can access that health of the cells by looking for adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances, parasites, metal toxicities, bowel health and more.
Appointments are made on an hourly basis and include both live and dried analysis with recommendations to correct the imbalances that are found.  The cost for the appointment is $125 plus HST.  Please call the Sunflower Health Shop directly to book your appointment. 613-475-3800. Don’t delay, we sell out fast!





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Raise Your Vibration retreat

We are happy to promote this event for our friend Dawn James. OFFICIAL-RV-Costa-Rica-Flyer-PDF