Maryanne Lightfoot (owner) with her three dogs



Maryanne Lightfoot is the new owner of Sunflower Health Shop, formerly known as Victorias Cupboard.  She moved to Brighton in 2009 with her 3 rescue dogs.

“I have always had a passion when it comes to alternative health.  From the age of 4 my Dad took me to an herbalist.  I have always been a big believer in supplements.  In 1999 and 2000 I had the chance to experience a number of exciting opportunities in California, Detroit and Toronto.  I got to tour the inside of a vitamin plant to see the difference between cheap vitamins with heat processing and much better quality vitamins when using a cold process.

I got to experience the meeting with and lectures with such people as Dr. Jacqueline Jacques, and  Dr. Michael Murray.

I learned not all vitamins are created equally.  Hence the reason I am in this business to help educate the public. There is a big difference between vitamins that are bio available on a cellular level versus brands that are coated with pharmaceutical food glaze which is shellac number 4 you use on your furniture.  Not only is it a carcinogenic but it does not have to be listed on the ingredients as it is considered a process.  The training was life changing.

A little about myself:

I am an avid sea glass collector and love being by the water.  I enjoy photography.  I am an animal lover and one of my greatest passions is rescuing dogs.  My dogs are my kids.”


At Sunflower Health Shop & Services in Brighton Ontario we work in harmony with Mother Nature.  We support her by providing our clients the purest (organic) foods, herbs, and natural supplements.

As well we are wholeheartedly committed to educating our customers on the wisest choices in nourishing the body.  We further support our commitment to optimum health by offering natural therapies and weekly health talks.


1) Eco-conscious, eco-caring
2) A strong voice supporting the organic movement
3) Supportive towards our clients’ health needs
4) Support numerous organic natural local small businesses